Creative spaces

The Classroom

A small-scale auditorium for 32 people is the starting point for this meeting room. If you are with fewer people, the chairs can be folded over as a table, which may be desirable for seminars or a workshop, for example. But you are also at your best in The Classroom for a reception, film presentation of refresher courses. The hip, inspiring environment does the rest!

The Pool

Meetings boring? Not in our new creative hotspot The Pool. You feel like a fish in the water in this renovated space, where you used to have access only in swimwear. Nowadays you can comfortably hold meetings here, but also organize a pool party or hold your wedding, drinks or brainstorming session. So small events, we love it! You are in a former hotel swimming pool complete with life buoys, swimming hook, beach chairs and the tiles all around you. But mostly furnished nowadays with comfortable chairs, the latest technology, a wonderful coffee corner, lounge areas, cozy lighting and healthy catering. Add background music and your event will certainly not fall into the water ;).

The Greenhouse

During long meeting days, our guests have a wonderful break-out spot on our terrace, depending on the season in a summer beach look or winter setting. Unfortunately, the Dutch weather sometimes throws a spanner in the works to be cozy outside. With the arrival of our Greenhouse that is a thing of the past! Now we can always give our meeting guests a wonderful outdoor feeling. Originally used in horticulture, this stylish greenhouse has now been given a second life in Leiden.

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The Bar

We proudly present The Bar, the beating heart of our meeting location. A super nice hotspot, inspired by the industrial style of the entire building, but in a warm, contemporary setting. With sturdy leather chairs, but also trendy lamps and velvet sofas. Workstations with their own reading lamp, charging point and free WiFi, luxurious lighting and a large bar to join. Here you can enjoy a pleasant afternoon break after your meeting, but you can also enjoy a (Christmas) drink, New Year’s meeting with colleagues or other happenings for up to 80 people. And all that under the watchful eye of our Father of the Fatherland on the wall, a real eye-catcher ;). In December, The Bar is wrapped in atmospheric party decorations.

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The Terrace

Summer days? Our terrace is ideal for picking up the (first) rays of the sun. We have brought the beach to Leiden with a beachy look, although it is better to leave some things on the beach (sand between your toes, seagulls, etc.). But you will find what you are looking for on our terrace: comfortable lounge seats and the feeling of a sunny day that seems to never end. With a good dose of bamboo, nice hanging chairs, footstools and rugs. Including terrace bar and lounge music and also suitable to enjoy your lunch here during the break of your meeting. Is the temperature or weather not cooperating? Then you can always go to our Greenhouse :).

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