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Every event is unique. Therefore, ECC Leiden (2700 m²) offers ample space for your (company) event, (dance) party, product presentation, reception and more. With spacious parking in front of the location and hotel rooms next door in the same building.

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Hybrid Meetings - NEW -

Hybrid Meetings - NEW -

In a hybrid meeting, a physical meeting is combined with an online environment. For example, some of the participants can log in from home or office and still be present at the meeting. The perfect solution at the moment! ECC Leiden offers a set-up of about 400 participants on location.

Our venue

Our venue

Let us surprise you with our unique location, where your guests will experience comfort and quality with a consistently high service of employees and products. Thanks to the black-box concept, ECC Leiden can transform from a fancy party location to an exuberant (staff) party or a tightly organized accommodation for your public fair.

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Welcome to ECC Leiden, a multifunctional conference and event location

ECC Leiden, the largest conference and event location in Leiden, offers space for large, medium and even multi-day national and international congresses and events.

The eye-catcher in ECC Leiden is the 'black box' of 1775 m²; a large room that can be decorated as wished. The easy to use lighting gives this large space a great appearance.  The large plenary space can be split into two spaces by means of rail curtains, making it possible, for example, to build a catering square or to make the black box suitable for smaller, intimate gatherings.

ECC Leiden offers an 'all-under-one-roof' formula: located under one roof with Holiday Inn Leiden. The accommodation also offers catering, 14 meeting rooms and a large parking area. Moreover, ECC Leiden is easily accessible via the A44, A4 and public transport.

You must have seen this multifunctional accommodation. Call for a free tour 071 53 55 526.

Please see here for the possibilities for meetings & events with a 1.5 meter distance and what precautions ECC Leiden takes in connection with the Covid 19 / Coronavirus.

Why choose ECC Leiden?

  • centrally located in the Randstad
  • at least 300 people possible for meetings at a distance of 1.5 meters
  • hybrid meetings & events possible
  • extensive package of Corona Precautions
  • ground floor 'black box' with vide
  • 2700 m² surface area with several entrances and exits
  • plenary room 1775 m², free height 7 meter
  • 12 emergency exits | 4 supplier
  • entrances 400 parking spaces
  • free WiFi
  • kitchen and fixed & flexible bars
  • catering
  • 14 meeting rooms under one roof with Holiday Inn Leiden

World Cup Hip Hop & Fitness / Aerobics

From 10 to 19 October 2019, dancers and athletes from all over the world came to Leiden again for the World Cup Hip Hop and Fitness / Aerobics. More t...

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Pleasant black box in the middle of the Randstad

Dirk Prijs: Project Manager | Society for Event Managers

Flexible organisation, excellent customer service!

D. Koeman | ROC Leiden

ECC Leiden truly is a fantastic location, be it for large conferences or social events

Shirley Brewer, Secretarial Discipline Supervisor | Jacobs

Technical tour de force

Marieke van Winden: communication | African Studies Centre, Leiden

Great location and excellent cooperation

Wouter Jongerius, Facilities manager | Zorg en Zekerheid Leiden

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Hybrid Meetings - NEW -

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Face masks

Face masks | Dec 31st, 2020

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